Pallete labelling

Logomatic devices are the best automatic labellers in the field of pallet labeling. They are designed for continuous work, solid construction, and are modular. The labels can be up to the size of DIN A4 and can be applied on one, two or three side panels.

Application flexibility

In case of uneven surfaces, applicators are equipped with flexible holders with additional small vacuum cylinders to achieve the appropriate adhesion of the label.

Double the speed

Design of an automatic label with the so-called. double heads can mark up to 240 palettes per hour of work.

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Brochure about Logopak Pallet Labelers…
Logomatic 800 brochure (eng) …
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Logomatic 920 labeller video.

Logomatic 920

Logomatic 920 PSCK

NEW! Logomatic 850