In Coca-Cola Serbia, during 6/2022, the tenth automatic Logopak pallet marking device was installed as the third in the Surdulica plant, and the others in the Zemun plant. In 3/2022, the first automatic device Logopak for marking pallets was installed in the Duboka Mineral Water Factory, Kučevo.
In Coca-Cola Bosnia and Herzegovina, pallets are marked by three Logopak pallet labelers.


In Carlsberg Croatia d.o.o. in Koprivnica, two Logopak devices are integrated with wrappers with foil tape for marking pallets with returnable packaging, and in 5/2022 a third one on the can line. cab printers for manual marking of pallets are integrated into the existing traceability system with the help of the Dargo label printing trigger and the Dargo I/O controller.
Eurapack foil tape wrapper and Logopak pallet labeler were delivered to the Carlsberg Serbia plant in Čelarevo.

Karlovačka brewery – Heineken Croatia

After first machines from 2012, in 2019 we delivered additional Logopak pallet labeler and connected it with bornbinder pallet tyer.


in 2015. Kaufland Croatia ordered over 50 CAB printers for their new distribution center.

dm – drogerie markt

In the last few years, Dargo business solutions have equipped dm-drogerie markt companies in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina with the best Logopak VLP printers.


In Croatian dairy industry Dukat all produced pallets of goods are labelled with Logopak pallet labeller managed by Dargo labelling software. Table printer and scanners are also integrated in labelling management system.


In 2016 we expanded existing labelling system at food industry Vindija with Logopak package labeler, scanner for identification od products on pallet, Logopak pallet labelercab EOS and A6+ printers and RF equipment.

In 2019, we installed additional 3 Logopak package labelers.

In 2020 we installed scanning system of package labels for identification of products on pallets at new location.


Automated cab Hermes labeller is marking transport packages at pharmaceuticals producer Belupo.

Sarajevski Kiseljak

Soft drink manufacturer Sarajevski Kiseljak, member of Jamnica is labelling pallets using Bornbinder pallet tyer and Logopak pallet labellers. Additionally, in 2016 we installed one Logopak pallet labeler and two Logopak package labelers for shrink packs.


In 2013. Dargo business solutions implemented Track & Trace system in Trebjesa brewery, member of the Molson Coors group. Pallets are labelled with Logopak pallet labellers.


During 2012 we implemented a Track & Trace system in Romanian brewery Bergenbier, member of the Molson Coors group.
Pallets with returnables are banded with Eurapack foil banding machines and labelled with Logopak pallet labellers.

In 2017 we installed Dargo package counters based on PLC technology with coding management on ink-jet printers.

In 2017 we installed another two Logopak pallet labellers.

British American Tobacco BAT Serbia, Vranje

In 2017 we adjusted and lead into production Logopak package labelers for cigarette bundles and master cases.

Philip Morris Greece, Papastratos

During 2017 and 2018 we installed and lead into production 6 Logopak package labelers for master cases.

Philip Morris South Korea

In 2018 we installed and lead into production 3 Logopak package labelers for master cases.

Kamenitza Bulgaria

In 2012. we implemented a Track & Trace system in the bulgarian brewery Kamenitza, member of the Molson Coors group.

Pallets with returnables are banded with Eurapack foil banding machines and labelled with Logopak pallet labellers.

Apatin Brewery

In 2011. Dargo business solutions have implemented Track & Trace system in the Apatine brewery in Serbia, a member of the Molson Coors group. Pallets are labelled with Logopak pallet labellers

Skopje brewery

In 2010, Dargo business solutions implemented a Track & Trace system in both plants of Pivara Skopje: Coca Cola and Heineken bottling plants, and in 2022 we installed automatic pallet labeling Logomatic 850 P3.


In 2016 we installed at Slovenian soft drink producer Radenska Logopak dispenser for labelling shrink packages with PET bottles.

Rauch Serbia

After Logopak pallet labeller in 2018, in 2019 we installed Logopak pallet and package labelers.

Osem, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

In 2018 we installed at Slovenian food producer Osem Altech Alstep labeller to apply top labels on pate products.


After the Croatian fresh fish producer Cromaris acquired the first Logopak device for automatic marking of cassettes in 2016, two more were installed in 2017, and a fourth device in a special version resistant to aggressive salty working conditions in 2022.

Knjaz Miloš

In 2013. Dargo business solutions implemented Labelling management system in Knjaz Milos, Serbia.

Ireks Aroma

In 2016 we delivered cab industrial A6+ printer and smaller EOS printer followed in 2019 with additional three cab Mach 2 printers and Squix 6.3 printer with external rewinder

Akova Impex

In 2015. We installed meat package labelling line. Packages are labelled from the top and bottom side. Marketing label is applied on the top side. On the bottom side we first print declaration and then apply it. Line is produced by our Spanish supplier Marcopack.

In 2019. We installed one additional line identical to first one.

Kostel Promet

In 2019. Kostel promet decided to get 3 cab textile printers.

Mioni / Delta Agrar

In 2019. we installed a Logomatic 920 pallete labeller.

Crimppi Istra

After MACH 4S, in 2020 Crimppi decided to get Squix 4 with cutter.


In 2020, we installed and put into operation the Logomatic 920 pallet labeler in the Jastrebarsko plant, and in 2022, the Logomatic 850 P3 in Sveta Jana.


In 2020 we delivered three cab printers.

Prilep brewery

In 2021. we installed Logopak automatic package labeler.

Lajthiza Water, Albania

In 2021. we installed Logomatic 310 TB labeller with movable stand so it can be used on multiple lines.

Zagrebačka brewery

At the end of 2020, the first, and in 2021, the second Logopak automatic device for marking pallets was delivered. In 2022, a third pallet and one Logomatic device for automatic package marking were installed.


In 2022, we delivered a Logomatic 515 ETD for marking packages with insulation to the Rockwool Romania factory.