Labelling returnables

Labelling pallets with returnable crates is usually not done directly to crates because of problems with returned crates washing:

  • labels do not come off in washing process resulting with double labelled pallets when they appear again in warehouse
  • labels that did come off in washing process out cause problems in cleaning filters

Instead of direct labelling on crates, producers choose to label to additionally applied basis for labels:

  • labelling over the pallet safety string
  • labelling to band of foil
  • labelling to partially stretched pallet

Dargo business solutions is delivering synchronized machine tandems consisting of Logopak automated labeller with bornbinder pallet tyers, pallet foil binders or Eurapack pallet stretchers.

Applying label over safety pallet string

In a case pallet has to be secured by a string it is usually done at top row of crates which is higher than standard pallet label height. For this reason, pallet tyers are made to apply two strings: higher for pallet security and lower to apply label.

Bornbinder pallet tyer and Logopak pallet labeller are in such case synchronized to apply one or more pallet labels over the string before tyer makes final string knot and releases the pallet to continue towards warehouse.

Pallet tyer is exchanging signals with line PLC.

Logopak labeller can operate independently or can be connected to the host system.

Labelling to foil band

Instead of two strings, it is possible to have security string at the top and band of foil at standard label height. In case you do not need security string or it is applied on previous machine, you can apply just band of foil.

In both cases, foil is meant to be basis for label so you do not label directly on returnables.

Labelling can be inline, meaning Logopak labeller is integrated with Eurapack foil banding machine applying foil and labels at one pallet stop or labelling can be done after banding.

Inline banding and labelling saves a lot of space and often optimal technical solution.

Stretchers for label basis

As cheapest solution, pallets with returnable crates can be stretched before applying the label.

Since stretch foil is used only as basis for pallet label it is usually done only minimum number of foil wraps.

Pallet labelling is done after stretching.

This solution is the cheapest but also the slowest and needs more available space.