Logistic traceability

Dargo Business Solutions is experienced partner in providing Tracking & Tracing solutions with purpose to assure logistic traceability of human and animal food.

Traceability means ability to track/trace through the supply chain from origin to the customer.

Logistic traceability is important for tracing product source, location and destination, meaning it is essential in a case of product recall.

Traceability on the market can only be assured if all subjects participating in food supply chain are having systems assuring they know from who did they buy and to whom they sold food.

Do you have traceability system?

It is very easy to check whether you have required traceability or not.

Take one of your products form the store shelf, call all relevant managers to the meeting and ask them to find as soon as possible following:
To which batch this product belongs?
List of all raw materials used for this bath including supplier material batches.
List of all pallets with products from your batch: delivered to customers and still on your stock.

If answers to these questions are not 100% complete or even if it takes too much time (more than few hours), you do not have required traceability system.

Basic requirements for logistic traceability

  • all raw materials from suppliers have to be registered with their batches
  • all raw materials used in your product batch have to be registered with supplier batches
  • all pallets entering from production to warehouse have to be labelled and registered including the product batch
  • all pallets with good from other producers entering your warehouse have to be labelled and registered including product batches
  • all mixed pallets you are creating have to be labelled, all batches on them registered
  • all pallets delivered to your customers have to be registered

Typical elements of Track & Trace system

  • printers and Print & Apply machines to label pallets and/or packages manually or in automated manner
  • hand-held RF terminals to register goods being delivered by scanning the labels
  • Track & Trace software to integrate equipment and register all goods entering or leaving your warehouses

Do not hesitate to ask us for a budget offer! We will be glad to help you estimate costs for introducing the system.